Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Nutty

Tonight, in furtherance of the "try to make savory oatmeal good" goal, I infused my steel-cut oats with 2 tbsp of semi-chunky peanut butter. It was... not good. Not terrible, mind you, but not "holy crap, I need to eat that again!" good. The effect was not unlike the CoW "fondue," wherein the melted substance is augmented with healthier filler. Only this time, it was like eating a bowl of peanut butter. Delicious? Not so. The flavor got really same-ey really quickly. Thing is, I think it has potential. Next time, I'm going to try some combination of the following:

-less PB: 2 tbsp was actually a little much, considering one serving of steel-cut oats is only 1/4 cup dry.
-more seasonings: curry powder or cumin may have made it less bland. Perhaps even some Vulcan's Fire Salt would be in order. Spicy peanut butter rules.
-not using steel-cut oats: the steel-cut oats were extremely similar in texture to the chunks of peanut in the peanut butter. Since the textures were so same-ey, the two didn't really complement each other very well. With normal oats, this problem may be avoided.
-veggies: peanut butter goes well with certain veggies, like onions and k-rots. Maybe slicing up some of those and adding it to this would provide the needed kick in the pants.

So, yes. More on this as it develops (and as soon as I go to a grocery store where onions and k-rots are less than $2 each).

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